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Celebrate an unforgettable moment in history with a unique opportunity to simultaneously help YOURSELF begin building sustainable wealth and also protect your savings using the simple affordable Karatbars global gold money, payment, and savings system, starting with acquiring the "Debi Thomas 1 gram Karatbars Collector Card" celebrating the 30th anniversary of the memorable "Battle of the Carmens" sports rivalry with Katarina Witt, and also Debi becoming the first black athlete from ANY country to medal in the Winter Olympics.  Attend future Karatbars events for a chance to get your card personally autographed to make a valuable collector's item.

Follow the three steps on this site to get started and acquire your collector card:

Return to this webpage for reference to guide you through each step as you complete them. If you have any questions: Click Here.


Step 1

Register as an "affiliate" for your FREE Karatbars GOLD savings account, then login to your back office from the activation e-mail, and upload your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

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Step 2

Order your "Debi Thomas Collector Karatbars Card"

After logging in at:, go to "Product Purchase", and then selcet "Female Athletes" to order your card.


Step 3

Start your own GOLD wealth leagacy by setting up Karatbars Auto-Exchange!


Lead by example and show others how to shift the wealth to the 99% by "duplicating the Karatbars system", creating a gold wealth legacy for yourself AND future generations. Wealth education and knowledge are very powerful. Just follow the simple steps and principles in the "Two Minutes to Freedom" video. If you really want to grow this "Karatbars Revoluton" and accelerate your own wealth building, recruit five motivated friends through the Karat Fast Track Program. and register for more FREE wealth education at:

Learn much much more about how this amazing system works and the countless benefits for affiliates who adopt this unique wealth building/wealth preservation tool which is also part of a global gold money and payment system that is already operating in 123 countries world wide!

Our Wealth Builders Worldwide affiliate Leader Mike "The CEO (Continuously Empowering Others)" Dalcoe explains brilliantly in his testimonial why EVERYONE should be joining our global network of Karatbars affiliates and K-Exchange businesses (See second video):



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