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The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem (LGLE) is a community-based platform inspired, created, and offered through a collaborative effort of like minded individuals who originally envisioned an empowering alternative financial ecosystem based on physical and digitized gold, cryptocurrency, block chain technology, and other digital assets.


When the project that first inspired this group of individuals got off the path of their vision, the founder, Dr. Debi Thomas, decided the community should co-create the ecosystem that they all had envisioned. The LGLE is made possible by the non-profit efforts of the 508(c)(1)(a) private organization, the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry & Foundation (LGLWMF).


Dr. Thomas currently acts as a trustee for the LGLWMF and works independently as an empowerment and sovereignty coach, metaphysical teacher, and quantum healing practitioner. She has a vast history of experience which includes being an Olympic medalist and an orthopaedic surgeon, but her passion is empowering humanity and helping individuals realize the true power within themselves to make the change they want to see in the world.

This ecosystem will be always progressively developing efficiently to shift the flow of wealth energy to resources that effectively uplift humanity towards a great awakening to principles of abundance, sustainability, wellness, and advanced spirituality.

Dr. Thomas commits most of her time and energy to creating materials and resources to help promote and incorporate the best components of many platforms, services, products, and projects into a more universally synergistic and efficient ecosystem bringing the best of the best of what the world has to offer from those dedicated to the same goals for helping solve the biggest problems in society for the benefit of humanity. Though not a professional financial consultant, she is extremely well informed about the hidden truths of the global financial system, and well versed, experienced, and skilled in the use of various ecosystems.


The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem is a community-based co-creative effort where active participation and financial donations are rewarded and offers personalized consulting, educational, and collaborative services to users who need assistance with the technical aspects or more extensive and creative use of this universal ecosystem that unites ecosystems.

KaratGold Ecosystem Services

How we Can Help You?

Get started on your Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem journey with our FREE online guidance. It will help you determine where you will want to focus your energy. You can exp...
Start HERE to Start Seeking!
This service is offered to people who are new to navigating the new Digital Age economy and want personal assistance in a wide variety of areas such as: cryptocurrency ed...
One-on-one Coaching/Consulting: Regular
1 hr
This service is offered to Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry donors who are new to navigating the new Digital Age economy and want personal assistance in a wide var...
One-on-one Coaching/Consulting: Donor
1 hr
40 PTLX tokens
In this 3-day boot camp, attendees will be taken step-by-step through the process of acquiring and managing digital assets in the new Digital Age economy. Attendees will ...
Financial Literacy in the Digital Age
$500 or 400 PTLX
Dr. Debi Thomas is a well-known former Olympic figure skater who achieved goals as an athlete and in academics as an orthopaedic surgeon. But she has found that the goals...
Major Speaking Engagement for Group
1 hr
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