The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem (LGLE) is a service inspired, created and offered by enlightened independent affiliates of Karatbars International GmbH and KaratGold Cooperation PTE, LTD who envisioned an empowering alternative financial ecosystem based on physical gold, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and other digitized assets. It was birthed out of empathy, compassion, and necessity to restore and fulfill the needs and desires of those seeking freedom and empowerment for all. We are now totally dedicated to vetting other ecosystems which share this philosophy, and are committed to helping the masses learn how to use these resources to empower their lives and benefit society.


Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem founder, Dr. Debi Thomas, has been dedicated to building an ecosystem far beyond network marketing sales which most people have an aversion to, and has been a full time Karatbars/KaratGold affiliate since February 2015. She has committed most of her time and energy in the early years creating materials and resources to help promote and incorporate the best components of the Karatbars/KaratGold affiliate program and associated Gold Imperium Ecosystem, but in more recent years, she has been collaborating with other affiliates and people outside of the Karatbars/Karatold circle to find additional resources to incorporate into a more universal ecosystem bringing the best of the best of other projects dedicated to the same goals for helping solve the biggest problems in society for the benefit of humanity. Though not a professional financial consultant, Debi is extremely well informed about the hidden truths of the global financial system, and well versed, experienced, and skilled in the use of various ecosystems.


The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem offers personalized consulting, educational, and collaborative services to users who need assistance with the technical aspects or more extensive and creative use of this universal ecosystem that unites ecosystems.


How we Can Help You?

Are you a downline affiliate of one of our Legacy GOLD Lifeline Team? Click here to check.
If yes, please select from"Downline" services.
This service is offered to our our downline Karatbars/KaratGold affiliates whose participation in the system contributes directly to our Legacy GOLD Lifeline team's Karat...
Downline Individual Affiliate
1 hr
This service is offered to our our downline Karatbars/KaratGold affiliates who also have business/organization affiliate accounts whose participation in the system contri...
Downline Organization Affiliate
2 hr
Though there are countless free resources for Karatbars/KaratGold affiliates to use to help them successfully use this brilliant system, many affiliates still feel lost d...
Non-Downline Individual Affiliate
1 hr
$10/add'l student
This service is to help affiliates who have a business/organization of affiliates and need assistance with properly setting up their accounts for maximum financial benefi...
Non-Downline Organization Affiliate
1 hr
$10/add'l student

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