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Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?

"Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?" was originally a concept idea for a TV series about reality disguised as a mainstream reality TV show series focused around the lives of Dr. Debi Thomas, former Olympic figure skater and orthopedic surgeon, and her country boy fiancé, Jamie Looney, a single father and former coal miner with big dreams to be more who met by chance when Jamie brought in his son to be treated for a broken arm. Both had been faced with overcoming many life challenges and obstacles which in part came from their strong personalities questioning authority with regard to societal failures and how these failures contribute to the worsening cycle of socioeconomic distress in their own community as well as the world.

The original intent was for this to be a series, but that part is really a work in progress. We now want to focus on building  a network of citizens who are eager and ready to immediately roll up their sleeves to work together on REAL solutions, because we believe went have the financial instrument to make these dreams possible, and we see everyday the need for wealth to be shifted into better alternatives. But, this can only happen if people connect with us and work with us directly.

Please check out the "Our Vision and Purpose" video on the "Home" page and blogs on the "Get Informed" page of this website. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook. Donations are welcome, but we prefer that you learn about how to support us using the Karatbars system.

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