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About Us

"Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?" is written and produced by Dr. Debi Thomas and Jamie Looney, an unlikely couple who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! When thier challenging lives started getting out of hand, they started feeling like their lives were part of a dramatic reality TV series. Debi is a former Olympic figure skater who became an orthopaedic surgeon and got fed up with the medical field after losing her shirt trying to simultaneously go through a divorce and start a private practice. Jamie is a former coal miner/entrpreneur who has lived a tough country boy's life and had to give up wealth and prosperity to raise his two boys after their mother passed. 


Debi and Jamie ask viewers to ask themselves, "How in the heck did things get this way? It makes NO sense!!!". Everything from healthcare failures to mistreatment of veterans to a flawed legal system to lousy customer service just aggravates us on a daily basis. Most of us keep working harder, but the fruits of our labor are rotten. One percent of the population now controls nearly half of the global wealth! EVERYONE knows someone who is struggling somehow, yet no matter what they do, they just can't seem to get a break. Many know why, but seem powerless to do anything about it.


When only six corporations run 95% of the media, it is difficult to get the right messages to the majority of people about how to create real change. Reality TV shows are all the rage, but only a few are delivering purposeful messages about what the REAL problems are and how we can work together to solve them. It's time to start questioning authority and challenging political rhetoric and the powers that be. This is a dangerous mission, but somebody has to do it, so why not an ex-Olympian/doctor and and a country-boy former coal mining foreman/entrepreneur who live in one of the most socioeconomically challenged regions of the country?


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