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Making Alternative Health Solutions Our Future

This is my first blog related to alternative health. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with this information, but you must understand that I do this sort of research full time, and have tons of information to share. Nobody pays me to do this research. I do it as a service and a gift to anyone who is open to learning valuable information about what is hidden from or not easily accessible to average people. One of the biggest obstacles to alternative health options is cost, because it is not in the best interest of shareholders in the healthcare industry to offer treatments that cure or prevent disease, so almost all alternative health options are not covered by health insurers.

We have a revolutionary solution for the problem of cost, and hope to work with vendors and practitioners in alternative health in a way that will start shifting wealth into these options. Far too much money is being wasted on ineffective treatments. Consumers should have the freedom to choose other options without it putting them in debt. Consumers should also be able to benefit financially for using products which work well in maintaining their health and wellness. This can now be achieved by teaching businesses and consumers how to leverage passive income using referral based e-commerce products and services, including an alternative fair and stable monetary system. As the masses of people begin to awaken to the amazing solutions that they can make possible by just making some small to moderate changes in their spending and health habits, we will see the changes that we all desperately want in society.

The field of alternative health has made great strides, and there are so many wonderful products and services available to help people achieve much better health. One of the big challenges is that there is a great deal of scrutiny which comes from the "traditional" medicine arena with regard to the effectiveness of alternative medicine. One must take a close look at the information available in order to determine if the scrutiny is warranted, but most of the time it is not warranted because supporters of such alternatives have generally found these solutions only after having been failed by the traditional medicine options, so it does not make sense to criticize alternatives. Independent researchers have uncovered the failure of government approved traditional medicine treatments, which have been found to cause more than 780,000 deaths annually (compared to heart disease which causes 600,000 deaths annually): "Death by Medicine", "Death by Medicine" - Documentary.

As I mentioned, there are countless products, dietary recommendations, and healing treatments available which have worked for many many people. Having the courage to try these alternatives can be scary because most people are afraid to go against anything their doctor might tell them. This becomes a double edged sword, especially if current treatments really are not making you feel any better, and more medications, treatments, and surgeries are being recommended. The reality is that nature gave us all we need to heal ourselves. We just need to learn how to facilitate it. It starts with looking at what is going into our bodies, and being committed to making some changes if we are relying too heavily on the "Western Diet". It is easier said than done making these changes, because there are powerful forces at hand pushing these highly addictive edible products (which are hardly food) into our systems for profit. Keeping us sick also keeps the healthcare industry thriving.

So what can you do to start taking responsibility for your health and wellness? Well, you've already made a start by reading this blog. I'm going to introduce some amazing products and alternative healing options that you've likely never heard of, but are proving to be successful for many people around the world who got sick and tired of being sick and tired and getting nowhere with traditional medicine.

Getting a general idea of the sort of health information which is being hidden from the public can be achieved by watching documentaries such as the following (available on Netflix or from the links below):

Food Matters: Rent or purchase

PlantPure Nation: Rent or purchase

Food, Inc.: Watch FREE!

Cowspiracy: Rent or purchase

The Human Experiment: Rent or purchase

These are eye opening films which show us how we as individuals must take responsibility for not only our health and wellness, but also the health and wellness of our beautiful planet. As we become healthier, we also begin to awaken to the fact that we are spiritual beings who are governed by the laws of the universe. Spiritual healers are well aware of our amazing healing powers, and it is ironic that quantum physicists are just now starting to understand this lost knowledge that is healing so many people around the world.

To make it easy, I am going to summarize some very basic health practices that can greatly improve anyone's health and wellness. The most important thing is to start trying to eliminate refined sugar and processed foods from your diet. It is recommended not to ingest more than 30 grams of sugar daily. Most soft drinks and juices not made with a juicer are loaded with refined sugar. It doesn't matter what they tell you about high fructose corn syrup versus other refined sugars, they are all BAD! They are as addictive and damaging as alcohol according to Dr. Robert H. Lustig, pediatric endocrinologist and clinical professor of pediatrics at University of California, San Francisco: TEDx Talk: Sugar - The Elephant in the Kitchen and Scientific Lecture: "Sugar: The Bitter Truth".

Dr. Lustig is right that we don't have a solution to our global health crisis immediately available, and that access, funding, brain biochemistry, and control of the mind are major limiting factors preventing people from choosing a healthy lifestyle, but I believe a solution DOES exist which will work if the awakened work together. One must not only be awakened to what is hidden from us in the health and science realm, but also to what is hidden in the world of global finance. A lack of knowledge of such matters is what has allowed the masses to be victims of consumerism and become debt slaves. I will discuss this problem in other blogs related to education in global finance, but it is pertinent to this blog as I explain my vision for bringing wellness to the masses.

I mentioned the concept of leveraged passive income for referral based e-commerce. Most people have no idea what that means, but leverage is the way that major corporations build wealth. Small businesses often fail because they don't have a way to leverage or build passive income. They rely on fee for products and services that generally can be found cheaper elsewhere even if their products and services are better. This is because we have a continuous shift of wealth towards big corporations, banks, and the ultra wealthy. As our dollars buy less and less due to hyperinflation, we begin to buy cheaper, more convenient, and less healthy products and services, so we are contributing to our own problems.

I want to share some health information that I feel can do wonders for anyone wanting to stop feeling sick, tired, hopeless, or frustrated by poor outcomes at the doctor's office or hospital. The first is to commit to making dietary changes. This is much easier said than done. Some people just are not accustomed to eating healthy foods and will be very resistant to change and will not easily give up their addiction to sugar, processed foods, and fast foods. They'd rather lose a leg or have open heart surgery than eat right. If you are one of those people, the following will probably fall on deaf ears, but here's the simplest explanation I can give to greatly improve your health.

  1. Eat a mostly (70%) plant based diet of as much WHOLE fruits and vegetables as possible. This replaces the fiber missing from the "Western Diet". Raw fruits and vegetables are better than cooked, but not totally necessary. Smoothies are a good way to get more raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.

  2. Choose organic if possible and buy from local farmers so you may discuss the healthiness of their produce with them.

  3. Read labels and avoid foods containing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) if possible.

  4. Consume less than 30 grams of sugar daily, and avoid ANY refined sugar or processed (in a box, bag, can, or package) foods. Your sugar intake should be from natural sources. A good substitute for sugar is pure stevia mixed with organic coconut sugar. Local honey is also a good sweetener.

  5. If you must eat meat, look for organic, grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, wild-caught fish, or other more healthy and humanely produced meats. This is not easy to find and is not cheap. If you just can't afford this, then try to just add a little meat to your meals for flavor.

  6. Add healthy spices to your foods like: ginger root, fresh garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Here's a link to some information on "Power Foods".

  7. Also add other power foods like quinoa (best cooked in organic chicken broth with garlic, and makes a healthier substitute for rice) and spirulina (best in green smoothies with lots of ginger root and cinnamon to improve the taste).

  8. Try juicing.

  9. Add powerful supplements like high-dose pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C), niacin, and others (mentioned below). If you or a loved one are a cancer patient, have a debilitating chronic illness, or just want to avoid getting sick, you may be interested in this article explaining a protocol for high-dose vitamin C: "The High Dose Oral Vitamin C Protocol for Cancer (and Nearly Every Other Ailment)". If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or alcohol addiction, you may be interested in this article about a protocol for niacin: "How to Determine a Saturation Level of Niacin".

Dr. Lustig mentioned vitamin and mineral deficiencies as part of the problem with the "Western Diet". I grew up taking many vitamin and mineral pills every day when I was training as a figure skater, because my mom made a point of being knowledgeable. It is much harder to be knowledgeable these days when 95% of what you see, hear, or read in the mainstream media is controlled by five major corporations which generally have financial interests in keeping you unhealthy. I've learned that many supplements in pill form, unfortunately, do not work well because of the way they are delivered to the body. I was fortunate enough to recently be introduced to an impressive product called "Prodovite" by Victory Nutrition International (VNI). I am generally very skeptical, so I do not recommend anything I would not try myself and is not backed by strong reproducible evidence. VNI products are backed by very sound scientific evidence. I recommend Prodovite for people who are suffering from chronic illness or just refuse to commit to eating healthy.

There is a wealth of scientific data and testimonials available for your review below, so you may learn first hand about this product. The other great thing about this product is that VNI has an affiliate program so that if you'd like to share the benefits of this product (and other products by VNI), you may learn how you may leverage passive income yourself by earning referral commissions. I believe that this will become the financial mechanism for shifting wealth into alternative industries in the future.

Here's a link to a short video introducing Prodovite: Watch here

Here's the more detailed and scientific webinar on Prodovite: Watch here

If you feel that you may be addicted to sugar or any other substances, VNI also has a product that may do wonders for your brain health and can help curb cravings while also boosting energy and relieving stress. This product is called "Brain Reward" and also has very strong scientific data to back up its effectiveness when taken as directed. It can likely become a very effective supplement for the treatment of addictions if news of its effectiveness becomes more widespread.

Here is a link to a short video introduction of Brain Reward: Watch here

Here is a link to the full scientific webinar presentation of Brain Reward: Watch here

You may register as a free affiliate with Victory Nutrition International from this referral link: Register. To make sure you are registering as a FREE affiliate, you must select the "free welcome package" option so they won't put you on a monthly product purchase, but you will still get the 20% affiliate discount. Once you register you will be contacted and provided with free educational materials and information. You will also have your own referral link so you may begin referring people who are looking for better health too!

The path to good health and our natural healing abilities is also greatly enhanced by learning how spirituality and science are intertwined. From the quantum physics standpoint we are complex energy beings, and the study of what is now known as "metaphysics" unlocks the spiritual nature of this science and paves the way to the lost knowledge which we posses that allows us to heal and remain in a healthy state of wellness.

This is a link to a good introduction to "quantum energy healing" type meditation. Try listening to it when you first wake up and before you go to bed: Listen here

Here's another link to a video on mental healing: Listen here

Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to the works of Dolores Cannon. Knowledge of her 50 years of experience in quantum healing came to me in a rather metaphysical way, but it answered almost every question I had about our place, purpose, and powers in the universe. She is world renowned, and though she has passed away, her healing techniques are still being taught to thousands all over the world and may very well be the best method of healing on the planet, but one must be very open minded to learn of these lost powers of the human spirit. The works of Dolores Cannon must be spoon fed to most people, especially those who have been subjected to large doses of modern medicine. One practitioner of her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) does an excellent job of explaining scientifically how quantum energy can be manipulated for healing. Here is a link to her lecture: Watch here.

To listen to Dolores Cannon herself explain her work, please watch this video link: Watch here. You may also learn more at:

I hope this introduction to the many many alternative healing solutions that exist was informative. As a disclaimer, I must recommend that you discuss with your doctor any plans you may have to try any of these alternative health options. I must warn you that not many physicians practicing traditional medicine will necessarily be supportive of these alternatives because they are simply unaware that they exist and have been proven to be effective. Most may not believe that simple cures for disease would ever be hidden from the public. The decision may have to be yours alone if you are not able to find a naturopathic practitioner to help you, but I will say as a trained physician myself that it is highly unlikely that any of the alternatives suggested in this blog would have any negative effect on any current treatments you may be undertaking. If anything, the treatments you are taking may hinder the effectiveness of the alternative treatments.

In closing, I want to mention again about how the awakened can start shifting wealth into alternative industries. You may not be aware of the Karatbars International alternative gold money savings and payment system, but I am certain that it is the answer to our wealth inequality and suppressed industry problems. It is the only monetary system ever created which puts the power and control in the hands of the masses all over the world. With the new Karatpay app coming in 2017, we can likely get these affiliate based alternative industry companies to accept the Karatpay system and incorporate the gold savings program for their customers which will ultimately give them a way to leverage passive income and lower the costs of their products making them more accessible to the masses. Learn more about the Karatbars Solution: click here.

In closing, I want to start a program called "Gold Turkey" combining the benefits of the Karatbars system and the BrainReward supplement to help people stop their addictions to sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. and use the money they save switching to a healthier lifestyle to save in Karatbars gold money. Please stay tuned for more information and videos on this future program. If you'd like to be added to the Gold Turkey newsletter, please click here.

The postings on this site are my personal opinions and do not represent the positions, strategies and opinions of Karatbars International GmbH and Victory Nutrition International.

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