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Realizing Our Value

I have been very blessed in my life with not only opportunity, but also the mindset to take advantage of opportunities to achieve things that most believe to be great accomplishments and success. What I know that most do not know is that we ALL have the capabilities of achieving greatness because we were created to be divine beings. I am not special, lucky, or privileged. I AM. This idea of "I AM" is what gives us our divine powers. Spiritual masters have come to Earth to show us the way, but humanity lost its way, and it has not been until recently that enough of us have realized our value to be able to generate the metaphysical shift in energy necessary to help us ALL get off of the wheel of karma holding us back.

What I am realizing is that the WAY that people wake up and realize their value is different for each and every one of us, and is not an easy or obvious thing by any means. Most of our divine knowledge was purposefully kept from us, and it is still uncertain as to exactly why, but it seems that without the challenge of being lost, then finding ourselves would have no relevance or context. For as long as I can remember I have always believed that people are capable of much more than what they do or believe they can do. I often found myself doing things that most would think was impossible simply to SHOW people that is WAS possible, and then I would move on to the next impossible task. I've learned that this behavior pattern is quite confusing to the outside observer, and has more recently caused what is best described as 'challenging drama" in my life.

The reason that I titled this blog entry as "Realizing Our Value" is due to some very interesting hidden knowledge that I have discovered over the past several years which is now coming to a head and will completely change our life experiences on Earth forever. What most people do not realize is that they are transforming energetically, physically, and spiritually whether they want to or not. This change is a good thing, but it has not exactly been pleasant for everyone. What I've learned recently is that the Universe and what I now refer to as "The ALL" has been guiding me since my soul was first created, and since I payed attention, I have been able to access knowledge and information that has been hidden from about 95% of humanity. I'd also like to mention that this particular blog entry has been inspired by request after I commented about an amazing experience I had doing my very first QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session I performed on the most incredible BEing I have ever encountered in my life. It turned out that we had met back in the 1980s, but my guess is that our souls have known each other for even longer than that. She is the one who introduced me to the terminology of "The ALL", but its concept felt familiar and already known to me.

The concept of "The ALL" has presented itself to me through a combination of experiences, but it clearly is the BEST explanation, in my opinion, of our collective BEing and DOings in the Universe since our creation. "The ALL" is omniscient (all knowing) and knows everything there is to know about the experiences of every single soul in existence. We all are connected to and part of "The ALL" so we are one with it. It is up to us to determine to what degree we want to align ourselves with "The ALL". This is very important, because the Earth is making a metaphysical shift, and so is humanity, but not all of us are embracing or waking up to this shift and needed change in our perspectives and physical existence. In Revelations in the Christian Bible, it speaks of a "New Earth". This transition to the New Earth is what we are all experiencing whether we like it or not. What we do not realize is that our conscious thoughts are all contributing to our collective experience and the formation of this New Earth.

For this reason, it is very important for us to realize our value as human BEings, and that our DOings matter. This next point may sound shocking, but most people are completely unaware that their human value has been monetized and secretly kept under private ledger since their birth. There is a great deal of evidence to support this claim, and some brave individuals have put their lives and livelihood on the line to expose this incredible secret which affects all of our lives. The question is... "How many will stand up, take the time to LEARN the TRUTH and realize their value in the process of creating a beautiful New Earth?" When I set out to write this blog, I intended to provide links to all of the evidence to support my pledge, but I realize that I personally have spent countless hours for the past few years collecting information that most will not even take ten minutes to examine. In fact, there are many who have come before me who have spent DECADES doing the same thing, yet most of humanity is simply in a mainstream/social media mind controlled trance.

For the reasons stated above, I will not pepper this blog with countless links to take you down the rabbit hole. Much information can be found by following the posts on our "Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?" Facebook page. However, since this blog is about realizing our value, I want to direct the reader to a very important series of events which are quietly being played out behind the scenes purposely outside of the mainstream media. I want to restate that our value has not only been monetized, but it has also been exploited. It is time that we take it back, so it is very important to take the time to learn the truth, understand it, and share your knowledge with others, even if you must risk ridicule. I ask that you learn about the history of the One People's Public Trust, and how it is currently being brought to light in a mostly ignorant federal court. A good chronological analysis of the events leading to this much needed exposure of corruption in our international banking system and court system can be found by watching the videos in this playlist instead of spending evenings watching TV or being brainwashed by social media memes and fake news. Nearly everything that we have been taught, told, or believed is mostly untrue, and it is time for us to finally awaken and make the transformation intended for our BEing and DOings to create the ethereal New Earth.

In closing, I will continue a theme that I have mentioned in all of my blogs about how we can retain our value through a fair monetary system. We have been blessed with one, but it is still very much misunderstood and not yet well known. We have started a revolution, but it needs to be much stronger and larger. We have so many ways to implement this system such that we can shift true wealth where it belongs, and realize our true value rather than continuing to be slaves to an unfair system. Learn how YOU can realize your value and contribute to forming the New Earth: "Realize Your Value".

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