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The Lottery: How Gullible Are We Really?  A Math/Statistics Lesson...

We must must must do an emergency math/statistics lesson…

It is a well-known fact that there has been a purposeful attempt to dumb down Americans, (especially in the areas of math and science) through our education system. Just Google "dumbing down America". Or take the time read "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail" by Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education. Apparently this has been successful since last year lottery players just handed over about $1 billion to the powers that be in just one PowerBall lottery cycle. People obviously have no concept of math or statistics. Whether people win or not doesn't matter since the scam is always a success. I'm going to give you all some food for thought…

First of all, hitting just one set of winning numbers was statistically a virtual impossibility, yet they expect us to believe it happened three times!!!! Oh yeah sure… The numbers are picked at random… Right! Drink some more KoolAid folks! Even the mainstream Washington Post reported suspect activity by the PowerBall Lottery organization for tweaking the odds to get the jackpot to rise to $1.5 billion. Does anyone really believe they don't have the technology to fix the lottery? They can fix presidential elections and nobody believes it even though ten years ago a computer programmer testified under oath to being hired to design such "rigging software", so I guess this is no different. How could you possibly check for accountability? Even if you tried there's no real way to verify it other than some "official" told you so.

So of course, just like the carnival games where you spend a fortune trying to win a prize that costs about three cents to make in China, you get duped into believing you're going to be the next PowerBall lottery winner. The greedier you are the more money you will spend trying to win. Most people who win smaller amounts in the lottery end up spending their winnings on more lottery tickets, so it just puts that money right back into the lottery system! It's no different than gambling in Las Vegas. The house ALWAYS wins, because they understand how the human mind cannot resist the urge to get something for nothing with little effort.

So let's look at how the deception is likely created...

We most certainly have the technology to "fix" winning numbers via computers. So, using such technology, one set of numbers is "fixed" and actually belongs to a real ticket purchaser or (if you're a "crazy conspiracy theorist" like me) some paid actors who look "wholesome" who are bribed to make appearances all over the place on the mainstream media to create the "illusion" that people actually win the lottery by random number picks. If you don't believe the mainstream media or the government doesn't fake or present false information to the public or use paid actors in reporting then you need to go digging for alternative information on the internet, because the TRUTH is in plain sight just waiting to be discovered. As a surgeon who worked for six years in a trauma center treating some of the most severe gunshot injuries in the world, I can assure you with much evidence that the information presented to the public regarding the Pulse shooting incident in Orlando was fake. Countless credible insiders have blown the whistle on many deceptions for at least the past 100 years. Anyway, that's not my point. The point is that parading a happy lottery winner around the mainstream media is a must to continue the deception so that people will continue to play the lottery. Sadly, it is usually the working poor who are generally taken in by this deception.

So let's look at the math and the numbers...

The couple that "won" the $1.58 billion PowerBall lottery in January 2016 of course took the lump sum of 500 something million dollars, but what is so laughable is that it comes out to $187 million after taxes! So, the powers that be took in $1.5 billion and will pay out $187 million (plus some chump change for other lower amount winnings) since the other two winners never came forward. They also expect us to believe that the two other supposed winners of the largest lottery of all time simply didn't know they'd won. Geez!!! Are we brain-dead?! Even if they do have other fixed winners or paid actors to play the mysterious missing winners, they only will have to pay $187 million (or whatever lower price the actors will take to carry out the deception) two more times. The powers that be still make out like bandits with nearly $1 billion of Americans' hard earned money. If the winners are fake and can't live with their guilt and try to talk, it's easy to discredit or shut them up. Just ask any whistle blower.

So you may be thinking that I'm crazy, and that they could possibly not be that crooked...

Perhaps you're right, but after looking at the probabilities, you must be at least a little skeptical. But even if there is not this level of deception going on, there is still the fact that even when they do payout on these huge jackpots, most people choose the big cash payout rather than the 30-year annuity payout. Unfortunately, this is a PRE-tax cash payout of a greatly reduced amount (about 60%), so by the time the poor winner pays taxes, the proportion of the winnings actually acquired is greatly diminished. In fact, the odds are that the winners will go bankrupt. People just generally do not have the mindset to save, because they have been conditioned to be consumers and to try to emulate the rich. This is one reason why there is such a gap between the wealth of the masses and the elite which is not ever mentioned in the mainstream media since the elite OWN the mainstream media.

So why is this lesson important?…

Trying to get the average person to grasp the common sense concept of why we have a wealth distribution problem and an impending currency crisis is a chore to say the least. The elephant in the room is the control of our monetary systems by a very small few. I've understood the problem since I started paying attention after the 2008 financial crisis, and I myself have become a victim of "the system". The bottom line is that financial freedom and security are impossibilities for most Americans who don't understand how the global financial system works. It wasn't until very recently that I was introduced to a realistic simple solution for anyone willing to listen to common sense and committed enough to doing things a little differently. Gold has always been inflation proof, but most people are not acquiring "currency grade gold bullion" to protect their savings like the rich do. This type of gold is generally reliably accepted worldwide for the settlement of debt.

What if you could get paid in both cash AND gold to save a form of this gold bullion which could also be used in the future to pay for goods and services from an international network of affiliates without converting it back to cash in the event that we have another financial crisis or worse... a currency crisis? Well that's what Karatbars International offers... Gold for the masses! A standard "Karatbar" is a one gram 999.9 gold bullion bar encased in a credit card sized plastic card with special security features embedded to verify authenticity. Karatbars International has Karatbars cards in 1g, 2.5g, 5g, and even 100g multi gram cards. They've also just unveiled CASHGOLD notes in denominations of 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g, and 0.6g.

So imagine if Americans had exchanged their cash for $1.5 billion in gold bullion from Karatbars International instead of buying lottery tickets? The point is that it is really easy to participate in Karatbars, and people who actually participated in saving Karatbars gold and sharing the system with others have both gold AND cash commissions accumulating in their accounts. The people who participated in the lottery handed over $1 billion to the powers that be, and all they have to show for it is a useless piece of paper. Speaking of useless pieces of paper… The purchasing power of the U.S. dollar since its inception has gone to 5 cents due to hyperinflation:

We have a lot of problems in this world and the powers that be will never provide solutions. We have solutions, but people need to understand the power they have to change the world by staying informed and making small changes in the way they do things and spend money. They must also be willing to make this change, work together, and support each other. We hope that you will join the enlightened and take the time to learn more about the amazing solutions we have to transform our communities by choosing alternative monetary systems such as that offered by Karatbars International. The wealthy protect their savings in gold and create passive income sources which continue to shift wealth their way. Karatbars International creates the opportunity for any person or business who participates to do what the wealthy do.

Accumulating Karatbars gold makes sense because it not only increases wealth and financial security, but it is a way to circumvent the system by offering an entirely new system of money that is controlled by the masses, not by a small few. This has never been done before. We spend a lot of money on things that aren't good for us, things that depreciate, or things we simply don't need. The dollar is losing value due to inflation so more and more people are being pinched and accumulating more debt, It is simply not sustainable. Job loss has devastating consequences and many people who are working are overworked and underpaid. Karatbars offers a solution to shift wealth into communities and open the opportunity for entrepreneurship and funding of projects that can really help people. If you'd like to learn more about how this can be achieved in your community, please watch this video of a radio interview Jamie and I did explaining how wealth can be shifted into solutions such as alternative health, alternative energy, and other underfunded entreprenurial opportunities in communities suffering from socioeconomic decline due to our unfair monetary and tax systems, and consumerism mindset: Click here to watch.

As a way to use the lottery theme in a more productive way, we've created the "Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster" KaratLottery which is similar to the "chances" offered for small scale fundraising offered for school sports teams or clubs. In these instances, people can buy "chances" for $1, and a portion of the pool is offered as a prize while the remainder is used for fundraising. We do a great deal of work for free to educate the masses about what has been hidden to encourage people to socially responsibly question authority and make suggestions of what changes individuals can make in their lives to bring solutions so desperately needed. Since it is free to join as an affiliate of Karatbars International which provides not only a free gold savings account, but also a potentially life changing e-commerce business opportunity, we want to incentivize this opportunity by offering the KaratLottery as an opportunity to create a pool of which 95% will be given away as gifts of Karatbars business marketing packages and gold. Though a random number generator program will be necessary to carry out the winner selections, the drawings will be done publicly and live. The bonus is that even if entrants do not win a prize, they will be plugged in to the BEST wealth building system on the planet! We believe this is a much more effective way to shift the wealth to the masses. Click here to learn how to participate in the KaratLottery.

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