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It's Not Enough to be Awake...

It's not enough to be awake to the problems of the world if you are not awake and open to the SOLUTION. This has become a source of frustration to me over the past couple of years. It's like the Matrix movie that was never made. What I'm talking about is that there are many people who are aware of the 'issues' like: wealth inequality, growing lack of privacy and freedom, and orchestrated political divisiveness. Unfortunately, what I have found is that those who are discussing, organizing, and even spending decades risking their reputations, careers, and sometimes even lives to bring the truth to the masses in hopes of a political revolution, have failed miserably in succeeding in solving ANY of these problems.

In fact, the problems got worse. For example, the organization Oxfam has a mission of fighting against wealth inequality, and do reports on the severity of such. They reported in 2010 that 388 billionaires had acquired more wealth (net worth) than the poorest 50% of the world (approximately 3.6 billion people). In 2015, that number dropped to 62 billionaires (a 38% drop of a trillion dollars for the poorest 50%). But what is staggering is that, meanwhile while the masses were distracted by the media orchestrated reality show known as the "U.S. Presidential Election", the wealth shifted again, and the number dropped to a mind blowing eight billionaires with Bill Gates at the top of the list with a net worth of $75 billion. Don't get me started on my opinions of Bill Gates' "philanthropy", and I m not biased simply because I've been a Mac/iPhone/iOS person my whole computer life. I actually have REAL reasons for my skeptical opinions.

But, back to Oxfam and wealth inequality... What has agitated me is that I contacted Oxfam about a year ago with a revolutionary solution to wealth inequality which could also be a fund raising opportunity for their cause. A win-win! What's even more amazing was that it would have been NO cost to the organization. Yes... FREE! In the response, I was passed on to a certain division of the organization who subsequently gave me a polite "No thanks." and "We're doing just fine with our current supporters and partners.", which now after a couple of years of research on the subject makes me wonder who these supporters and partners are. When you want to know where the corruption is, you follow the money.

Another thing I've learned over the years is that many people would rather pass the buck than actually DO anything meaningful. Continuing the story... Since the person who responded to me was from the U.K. division of Oxfam, I was passed on the the U.S. division of Oxfam citing that since I was from the U.S. I should deal with the U.S. division with my suggestion. This made no sense to me since the solution I was offering is for an international problem, and the organization is supposed to be fighting wealth inequality world wide. The U.S. division never even responded, which is no surprise. I feel that a lot of people like to "get involved" so they may feel good about themselves about helping humanity, but never seem to question the lack of results, often blaming the government or the rich, instead of themselves for not seeking and acting upon a real solution. In other words, the elephant in the room is Oxfam's COMPLETE FAILURE to make a dent in wealth inequality since its inception in 1995. Why would anyone donate money to a cause that is not fixing the problem? What's worse was that they were close minded to a FREE suggested solution.

I've run into the same problem with numerous people and organizations who have literally spent years on this "awakened political activism", but have failed monumentally at finding a viable solution. The control of money has ALWAYS been the problem, but nobody has ever come up with a massive solution for that problem... until NOW! In 2011, a German precious metals dealer named Harald Seiz had a vision and started a company called Karatbars International GmbH. He had a revolutionary idea to bring gold to the masses in small transaction friendly affordable denominations. Nobody had ever tried this before, possibly because it did not benefit those who already had the power. This idea, if successful, would completely change the entire global economy in a way that does NOT benefit those who have successfully sequestered the wealth by means of unfair monetary systems controlled by privately controlled international central banks falsely portrayed to the people as being government-owned and controlled. This control of money has allowed unyielding control over governments, creating everything from unfair tax laws to everything else we all get mad about every presidential election.

I just finally gave up on picking a side in politics, because I finally figured out that the ultra wealthy controlled both sides and were just creating these political conflicts to distract us. These people don't really care who becomes the ruler of a country, because they control both sides of the conflict. The presentation of the conflict is based on something called "The Hegelin Dialectic", and is perpetrated by the elite owned mainstream TV and social media. I hate when people say, "If you don't vote you can't complain." I think the opposite is true. I actually DID vote for the only person I felt deserving of the vote... I wrote in "Ron Paul". Of course, people criticized that I "wasted my vote", but the reality is that Ron Paul is proof that voting in people who will stand up for the "voice of the people" will never be a solution, He WAS the voice of the people for 30 years! Nobody followed his lead, and nobody else like hime was ever voted into Congress. The reason why is that the powers that be will never allow a majority of Libertarian thinkers to ever control Congress or any other key government positions. The must keep the Hegelian Dialectic going, and the masses of people fall for it every time.

But what about the awakened people who did not necessarily fall for this scam? Though a few did fall for it and voted for Donald Trump, believing he was an anti-establishment candidate. That's what they want you to think. The problem is that these people still seem to believe that the solution lies in government reform, not realizing that it is a futile effort to believe this could happen when it has never happened before. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. There is strong evidence to support that even the Revolutionary War and the early development of our country were under control of the very same banking families who control the world now. The wealth of these people is so secret and diversified that they avoid publicity by reporting individual net worth projections that keep them out of published net worth rankings. So that means that wealth inequality is probably even worse than reported. The Federal Reserve (which is private and not federal) has the legal authority to print money out of nothing. They call it 'quantitative easing", but if we all did it, it would be called counterfeiting. It leads to hyperinflation and is backed only by faith and debt.

So, with regard to the solution, I want to gently say that it is unfortunate that the masses, including the awakened, are sadly contributing to the problem by not only continuing to consume and not save, but also either turning up their noses, failing to do adequate research, ignoring, or being too busy or accessible to learn of the best solution on the planet, an alternative to fiat currencies (fiat currency = debt-backed paper money created out of nothing by central banks) in the form of a physical gold money and internet-based app payment system such that if the U.S. dollar, which is crashing before our eyes, ever completely collapses and brings down all other paper currencies tied to it, the masses will be able to continue business-as-usual. The masses now have a mechanism to generate wealth the same way that the wealthy do, and can be in complete control over how money flows because gold retains its value and cannot be created from nothing, and this new gold Karatbars money has the versatility and security features making it superior to any other gold as a means of exchange.

Here are some more facts that most people have likely never considered...

1. There is a looming derivatives bubble estimated to be as large as $1.5 quadrillion which dwarfs the housing market bubble of 2008 which nearly crashed the entire global economy.

2. The U.S. dollar has lost nearly 95% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, but gold has retained its purchasing power for 5000 years. Nixon abolished the Gold Standard in 1971.

3. Nearly all fiat currencies of the world are tied to the U.S. dollar, as it is still the leading world reserve currency.

6. REALITY CHECK: If only 5% of the NON-top 1% wealthiest of the world (360 million people) were to save just $2 per day ($60/month) in Karatbars gold money, it would shift $21.6 billion per month AWAY from the ultra wealthy. Simply do the math. This does NOT even count the amount which would also be shifted due to the payouts of the affiliate program.

The control of money has ALWAYS been the root of the problems of the world, because it allows unyielding power over the masses by controlling our access to knowledge and thus controlling how we think and subsequently behave. I am urging the masses to take a break from the hamster wheel of life, TV, and social media rhetoric and take a hard look at the FACTS. Fiat currencies are crashing, and the ultra wealthy don't want anyone to know how to protect themselves. If they really wanted to fix the problem, they would have done it by now. The media is used to distract us, and politics is used to divide us. Now the masses have a simple solution to fight back, and the more who participate, the more freedom we all gain, and the more we can create our OWN solutions to our problems. E-commerce is the future, and if you don't learn about it now, you will be left behind. Our jobs were replaced by technology, not foreigners. Stop believing that lie. We have amazing leaders who want to help YOU. I urge you to take an hour to listen to some words of wisdom. The Karatbars family will build wealth with you or without you. Don't be late to the game.

The postings on this site are my personal opinions and do not represent the positions, strategies and opinions of Karatbars International GmbH.

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